The Sacred Blacksmith

The Sacred Blacksmith (聖剣の刀鍛冶 Seiken no Burakkusumisu?, lit. "The Sacred Sword Blacksmith"), is a Japanese light novel series by Isao Miura, with illustrations by Luna. As of August 2009, six volumes have been published by Media Factory under their MF Bunko J label. A manga adaptation by Kōtarō Yamada started serialization in the seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive on March 27, 2009. The first tankōbon was published June 23, 2009. An anime adaptation started since October 3, 2009, directed by Masamitsu Hidaka, under the Manglobe studio.


cosplay l

cosplay l

Acting the Part

  1. Sit in a crouched position. Bend your knees so they come up in front of your face and directly in front of your chest. Rest your open hands on top of your knees or hug them. If you sit on the floor, you can sit Indian style with your fingers pointing inward.
    • If you have nothing to hold, and don’t want to spread both your hands on your knees, chew the nail on one of your thumbs as though you were sucking it.
  2. Try not to walk often. When you walk, walk like an old man: slouching forward with your knees bent slightly.
  3. Act as if you are tired or just woke up, but don't take it so far that you seem completely out of it. Just try not to move much, and when you have to do it slowly.
  4. When holding things, use a maximum of three fingers and always use your index finger and thumb. This is similar to the way you hold a teacup, but with the rest of your fingers spread away from whatever it is you are holding as if it were dirty. Hold whatever it is away from your face, never hold anything directly in against it. Never pick up a phone normally, grasp the top edges with the index finger and thumb. Use one hand when reading and turn the pages with a finger from the other hand. Also use only one hand when picking other things up if you can.
  5. Never let yourself be seen sleeping. L has supposedly never been spotted asleep. If you do sleep, sleep in a comfy armchair sitting with your legs still against you as if your were awake. Try learning to sleep with your eyes open.
  6. When eating, keep to the rule of how to hold things. Use your index finger and thumb to hold spoons and forks and stuff the food into your mouth one spoon/forkful at a time, chew with your mouth closed yet speak with it full by barely opening your mouth. L is very particular about what he eats. He prefers sweets such as cake, strawberries, ice cream, candy, cookies, pastries, etc.. When drinking coffee or tea be sure to use as many sugar cubes or spoonfuls of sugar you can stand. If you can't eat a lot of sugar, just play with the sweet food instead; it produces the same effect as eating it. Though this is an important part of being L, it's not recommended you eat as many sweets as him. You could gain a lot of weight, or worse, get a cavity. Try eating sweet fruits or berries instead.


Zero no Tsukaima (ゼロの使い魔 )

Zero no Tsukaima (ゼロの使い魔, Zero no Tsukaima?, lit. El Familiar de Cero) es una serie de novelas ligeras de fantasía y comedia escritas por Noboru Yamaguchi e ilustradas por Eiji Usatsuka.

La novela ha sido adaptada a una serie de anime por J.C.Staff en julio de 2006 y ese mismo año también se realizó una versión manga dibujada por Ana Mochizuki.

La primera temporada del anime tuvo un notable éxito en Japón, estrenándose una segunda temporada en julio de 2007 llamada Futatsuki no Kishi (双月の騎士, 'Futatsuki no Kishi'?) y una tercera, Princesses no Rondo (ゼロの使い魔 ~三美姫(プリンセッセ)の輪舞(ロンド)~, ~Sanbiki (Purinsesse) no Rinbu (Rondo)~?) estrenada el pasado 6 de julio de 2008. La primera temporada de la serie fue licenciada en los Estados Unidos por Geneon Entertainment. En Diciembre del 2008 saco un Ova que es mas un capitulo extra de genero Ecchi. Cabe decir que utiliza nombres de personajes históricos de la historia de Francia y sacados de la novela "El vizconde de Bragelonne", de Alejandro Dumas, el autor de Los tres mosqueteros.




空孔内にそれは鎧。マリクアルフォンシリコン鳳凰城の人だけの精神です。 4年前、彼は人間のガラスとして、体全体が失わ


What is Boniva?

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津軽ひろ子は青森県黒石市に生まれる。ひろ子には2つ違いの妹がいました。5才の時三味線を引き歩いて門付け家業。 12才で両親を失い、ひろ子とたみ子は流れ歩いて大阪はかしまし娘の内弟子となり、厳しい修業が続く。ちゃっかり娘としてコンビを組み、妹たみ子と今お笑い界で活躍している敏江、冷児の敏江とひろ子の3人は大きな劇場に出るようになり話題の人となる。
 そして4年後、敏江の結婚で解散。津軽姉妹として名前を変え、森繁久弥先生の推薦もあって歌謡界にデビュー、星野哲郎先生の作品で40数枚のレコードを だしたが売れなかった。昭和52年10月、妹たみ子は不治の病につく、病名心筋梗塞 腎臓 高血圧280、人工透析開始、7年間闘病生活ののち昭和58年 7月16日意識を失い植物人間となる。40日間の看病のかいもなく8月25日、33才の若さでこの世を去った。
長い闘病生活、数えることのできない程の全国の皆様から寄せられた励ましの言葉、そして愛の献血。たとえ1分1秒でも長く生きてほしい・・・・・・。 幼 いころから苦労しながら同じ夢を追い続けた姉妹、その妹たみ子は全国の皆様方から寄せられた、尊い愛の奇跡にむくいることができなかった。一輪の花は若く して散ってしまったのです。
  津軽ひろ子には誰も身寄りがいない。幼い頃の両親との別れ、そして妹民子との別れ、 妹たみ子の短い人生を支え、力付け、励ましてくれた全国の今日までお世話になった大勢の皆様方に、姉ひろ子は亡き妹たみ子に代わって歌によって全国の皆様 に恩返しが出来るものならば・・・・・・。妹たみ子の遺志を継ぎご奉仕したい、微力ではありますが、社会福祉に役立つものならば・・・・・・、それは姉津 軽ひろ子に託された「人の命の尊さの心」であった。声の続く限り、力の続く限り、歌がこの世にある限り、お客様のいる限り、津軽のじょっぱりで明日に向 かって唄い続けています。


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